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E-Commerce is aimed at those who want to either create an online store from scratch or expand their existing store by enabling their customers to be informed and buy their products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year online.
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Custom design
& development
We design and implement fully dynamic e-shops with custom design 100% adapted to your needs and your corporate identity. By choosing a custom design, your e-shop will always keep pace with the trends of the time, it will be Seo friendly and unique since it is designed exclusively for you.
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& Up-selling techniques
We create innovative functions to achieve combined sales through the e-shop, constantly creating suggestions to users, aiming to buy more than one product.
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Quick & Smart
The product search field is custom so that it can read if what the user is typing is a product, category, best seller product or whatever else you want, and display the corresponding results.
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Quick & Easy
The checkout of the order is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and fast. This way, even an unfamiliar user with online shopping can place their order very easily.
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Landing pages
We create landing pages per brand or category, with a special page builder where the administrator has the ability to configure each landing page as he wishes.
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Seo friendly
& page speed
The e-shops we build have the appropriate infrastructure to be considered seo-friendly by search engines and optimized to achieve optimal speed results.
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Blog with product
Product suggestions, even in articles! Now, you can create articles through which you will give advice to users, while at the same time proposing the products of your e-shop.
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Shop the look
"Shop the look" is a pioneering function, which aims at combined sales. We create proposals for potential customers, giving our favorite options and combinations, which they can buy en masse.
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